Accounts Receivable Services for Long-Term Care Facilities

Whether you’re looking to revamp your revenue cycle management completely or outsource to proven professionals, LTC Ally’s RCM services include accounts receivable consulting that adapts to your long-term care facility’s needs and sets your operation up for continued growth.

LTC Ally’s Accounts Receivable Consulting + Billing Services

Dedicated account managers leverage proprietary technology to track resident eligibility and produce precise account reviews. State after state, we’ve proven our expertise in accounts receivable and billing. Our results speak for themselves.

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Our Proven Accounts Receivable and Billing Teams Provide:
Census Management
Manage eligibility verification (including benefit days left) and reviews of authorizations on file.
Medicaid, Medicare, Managed Care, and Private/Income.
Comprehensive Reporting
Monthly accounts receivable reporting, census and revenue trends, and percentage collection.
Short-Term / Long-Term Resident Tracking
Assure all residents have a proper payer source and resident authorizations are up-to-date. For long-term stays, we help plan for future payer sources.
Medicaid Pending Oversight and Tracking
Real-time oversight ensures patients are approved for Medicaid in a timely fashion.

This case study shows how LTC Ally has helped operators improve revenue and stabilize their cash flow.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounts Receivable Processes

At LTC Ally, we have spent years building systems that enhance our relationships with payers and regulators. One such system we have developed gives us near real-time access to claims statuses, speeding up the reimbursement cycle and allowing us to address denials rapidly.

Our custom-built tracking and aging software help our specialists and managers track patient eligibility across insurers, streamlining patient intake and reducing billing delays and non-payers.

Our reputation for being precise, compliant, and efficient benefits our partners in more ways than the cash flow improvements they quickly see.

Gain greater peace of mind knowing revenue cycle management professionals are handling your facility’s revenue.

Depend on Specialists with One Sole Focus

When it comes to handling a high volume of complex claims, our size is your strength. We have specialists whose sole focus is staying up-to-date on specific payer regulations for individual regions. When things change, we’re already prepared, so your reimbursements continue without delay.

For operators needing skilled nursing accounts receivable and billing staff or an expert advisor with regional knowledge, we have the people and bandwidth to handle all your facilities’ claims.

By depending on accounts receivable and billing experts, you can scale staff—freeing up time and resources—to deliver exceptional care to residents.

LTC Accounts Receivable Consulting and Solutions at Scale

No other back office services suite has the ability to scale like LTC Ally. We have developed revenue cycle management workflows and team structures that enable us to handle any volume of claims with the same rigor we put into individual claim denials.

Reward yourself with peace of mind knowing unmatched professionals are handling your facilities’ accounts receivables and billing, empowering your staff to focus on their expertise—delivering exceptional care.

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Thorough, Fast Onboarding

When you streamline your processes with accounts receivable consulting from LTC Ally, you can expect to start seeing results in days, not months. Since 2006, we have optimized our highly efficient onboarding process for a seamless transition, so your facilities can start operating smoother, sooner, with a stronger back office.