Outsourced Financial Controllership Services for Long-Term Care Facilities

Advanced, Accurate Tracking and Reporting Backed by Industry Expertise

LTC Ally’s Financial Controllership services mean peace of mind for long-term care operators of all sizes.

The financial management of long-term care and skilled nursing facilities is unlike any other industry. When you have such complex reporting duties, our automation and electronic invoice approval systems deliver operators up-to-the-minute reports, so you get unmatched, immediate insights into your operation’s financial health.

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Our Services

Accounts Payable

Our dedicated team of CPAs and financial experts become your one point of contact for all vendors. We process all payables to your specifications and guarantee no vital payments are missed or late. Our invoice approval process ensures accuracy and accountability in one streamlined workflow.

Electronic invoice approval system with regular invoice reviews
Managing vendor collection calls + payments
Critical expense tracking
Month-end close to ensure accuracy and completeness
Ancillary Invoice Review

Our specialists review every invoice to ensure you’re billed appropriately. We continuously analyze contracts, per-patient-day costs, staffing agency use, and medication spend to lower your ancillary expenses. We routinely identify discrepancies that return large sums of money back to our clients’ facilities.

Review all invoices for payer source and census accuracy
Vendor contract analysis and consulting
Coordinate credit requests with vendors
Consolidated billing appraisal
Specialty teams focused on resident-specific invoices
Staffing agency spend review and optimization
Cash Management

Our technology and expertise combine to simplify your facilities’ daily treasury duties. We prepare detailed borrowing base certificates, communicate draw requests to lenders, and coordinate all bank transactions and treasury functions. Simplify your operation by partnering with our trusted team and see the benefits of the industry relationships we’ve established.

Complete line of credit management
Ongoing, real-time bank account reconciliation
Daily book balance evaluation
Check run review and processing
Cash flow projections
Financial Reporting

Conveniently manage the finances of all your facilities through one unified team of financial experts with deep industry experience. LTC Ally’s CPAs analyze financial data from multiple angles to ensure its accuracy during the month-end review process while constantly monitoring for bank covenant compliance. Our custom-build business intelligence dashboards generate custom reports according to your needs in near-zero time.

Complete multi-facility financial management
Audit-ready monthly financial statements
Monitor and track compliance with bank partners
Customized financial statements
Assessment and use tax filing
Audit and bank exam coordination
Cost report coordination for Medicare and Medicaid cost-based reimbursement

We have streamlined reporting, invoice tracking, and cash management for hundreds of facilities, creating an almost hands-off experience for operators.

No matter the size of your operation, you get the right financial controller for your needs with a dedicated team of CPAs and financial experts with specialized training to support your operations, no matter the complexity or size.

As your accountants and bookkeepers, we oversee every aspect of your accounts payables and work with banking entities to keep your cash flow stable. With informed projections that harmonize with any changes in your accounts receivables, outsourcing to our financial controllers brings operational efficiency through a dedicated team of specialists.

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Helping Long-Term Care Operators Scale with Ease Since 2006

When you’re growing your operation, you need increasingly sophisticated staff to support your facilities and corporate office’s responsibilities. Finding the right people with the right expertise to join you in-house can be near impossible. At LTC Ally, we have hundreds of years of combined experience as financial experts and accountants in the long-term care industry.

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While refining our technology over the years, we’ve also placed an equally important emphasis on growing our presence across the country. With offices in multiple states, you’ll have the right number of talented financial specialists backing up your operation, whether you’re running 5 facilities or 50.

By leveraging the growth we’ve achieved, you won’t need to worry about finding CPAs with deep industry experience to join your ranks. Professional, courteous accountants and bookkeepers are just a phone call away.

“If we were to build all of those departments that LTC Ally has done, it would take a considerable amount of resources and cost. The cost that it takes to utilize those services doesn’t compare to the service and outcomes that we receive in return, so for us, it’s a no-brainer.”

— Robert Hoch, COO / Complete Care Management

Modern Operators Need Advanced Solutions

At LTC Ally, we’re continually developing cutting-edge technologies that advance our capabilities, resulting in a financial controller for your facilities with proprietary tools that provide unparalleled insight into your business’ performance.

Our technology goes far beyond customized reporting and tracking. Leverage our size and experience to gain actionable insights based on industry data that spans regions and helps facilities achieve stability and success.

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