LTC Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

As a long-term care provider, you need experts you can trust to handle your finances so you can focus on caring for your residents.

When you choose LTC Ally as your revenue cycle management (RCM) partner, you gain access to a team of professionals who work tirelessly to transform your revenue cycle, providing comprehensive support for your back office processes. We ensure your facilities’ revenue cycle is operating as efficiently as possible, so you can focus on delivering quality care.

LTC Ally gives you access to a wealth of long-term care industry expertise in RCM. Our accounts receivable and collections experts become an extension of your facilities, securing your bottom line and improving revenue flow without compromising care.

We track every claim, fight every denial, and keep a keen eye on authorizations, so you know you’re rightfully reimbursed for every step in a resident’s long-term care journey.

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Overcome Challenges with Our Unique Technology

At LTC Ally, we understand the unique challenges you may face in the healthcare space and can help you overcome:

Ever-changing compliance regulations
Inaccurate billing (up to 80% of medical bills have errors)
Poor monitoring and tracking of accounts receivable

These common pitfalls are easily resolved with our proprietary LTC revenue cycle management technology. We have spent years building and perfecting the LTC aging and tracking program so we know every balance is being paid in full and patients are covered by a payer throughout their stay.

Our internal technology allows us to organize all of your most important RCM KPIs and gives you complete insight into your facilities’ most important revenue metrics.

Once you’re organized, your facilities can optimize.

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Accounts Receivables + Billing Services

Without reliable, efficient accounts receivable (AR) and billing processes, effective revenue cycle management is nearly impossible. At LTC Ally, our expert staff takes complete control of your AR and billing processes, verifying eligibility and tracking balances after residents leave your facilities. At every step in the care journey, our specialists work closely with facility staff to explore every avenue to maximize revenue.

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Collections Services

Leaving outstanding balances to be recovered by an inefficient collections team or outdated processes can complicate your cash flow projections and leave substantial dollars out of play. LTC Ally can help your facility recoup aged accounts and claims, but our collection services don’t stop there.

From the start of our partnership, we implement proprietary technology to thoroughly review workflows and identify bottlenecks and practices causing accounts to age. Once we have identified any issues affecting your revenue cycle, we’ll provide in-depth recommendations and concrete LTC revenue cycle management solutions that will make your facility more efficient in the long run.

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Efficiency. Accuracy. Automation.

As the long-term care industry evolves, more companies are turning to outsourcing for their LTC revenue cycle management solutions. Within the next six years, the use of outsourced specialists to manage these processes is expected to grow by 12%.

This increasing adoption of outsourcing addresses many factors, including new payment models and RCM tools rendering old systems ineffective or inefficient. A partnership with LTC Ally helps operators navigate emerging complexity with ease.

Our teams are backed by our own proprietary software that integrates seamlessly with some of the most popular billing software and payer systems in the market. Expert-trained claims specialists make sure every claim is accurate before submission, reducing future denial rates.

Take Control of Your LTC Revenue Cycle Management Today

As a long-term care facility operator, you know that keeping up with change is critical to a long-lasting, successful business.

Many of our clients combine our LTC revenue cycle management solutions with our financial controllership services to bring supreme operational efficiency to the day-to-day functions of their thriving facilities.

Leverage the capabilities of LTC Ally’s full suite of back office services to see improved results, sooner, thanks to the streamlined management of all vital processes in one place.

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