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How operators thrive when they partner with LTC Ally

Since 2006, our full suite of back office and growth advisory services have helped skilled nursing and long-term care operators improve revenue, increase admissions, and scale with ease.

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Founded in 2006, LTC Ally serves the long-term care industry with an unbound dedication to improving back office and financial operations. With a mission to reduce burdens and increase peace of mind, LTC Ally set out to revolutionize the way facilities handle their revenue cycle management. With a full suite of financial, case management, and contracting solutions for healthcare providers, LTC Ally is your partner in long-term care and skilled nursing.

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What the End of PHE Waivers Means for Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care

This month in long-term care news, Steve Shain, EVP of Contracting, covers the end of the PHE waivers and what this means for long-term care operators. He also discusses the aging population in the United States in the context of lower birth rates and what we can expect in the years ahead.
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Meet the Operators Thriving as Our Partners in Long-Term Care

See How LTC Ally Delivers Peace of Mind and Supports Growth for Long-Term Care Operators
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Life at LTC Ally

What does life working at LTC Ally look like? How supportive are the managers, executives, the partners? What kind of opportunities to grow my career are there at LTC Ally? How is the work-life balance here?  Watch this to have all your questions answered. At LTC Ally, we put our people first and give you ... Life at LTC Ally
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