These Nurses Are the Best At New Technology

Experience isn’t always an advantage. A new report reveals the group of nurses who are most likely to know their way around new technology: the younger, less experienced ones.

The embrace of new technology is usually generational both at home and in the workplace. However, the report by the University of California – San Francisco, raises less obvious concerns about the way new technology is implemented.

The study, released in December 2016, suggests that many facilities don’t have a seamless process for training staff in new technology, and that staff education may be considered a lesser priority.

After conducting small-group interviews at 15 nursing homes, it was found that younger, less experienced nurses were most interested in learning new technology, and were most likely to become “point people” for helping other, older staff members.

Generally, the factor that made the difference in training comprehension: the presence of younger, less experienced nurses, rather than the nurses with years of experience.

The study rated overall levels of satisfaction with new-technology training as well. The result: not much satisfaction. The feedback was even more negative when it came to IT trainers with non-clinical backgrounds who could not converse in nurse speak.

The barrier to learning cited by most interviewees is wireless connectivity within the facility. In other words: bad WiFi.

Conclusions from the research team for nursing homes to consider when implementing new technology:

  • Develop a toolkit that prepares staff for changes or upgrades.
  • Develop a best practices training document.
  • Boost funding incentives for training.
  • Increase compensation for staff with advanced IT skills.



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