The Covid-19 Vaccine: A Marketing Lesson

Nursing Home and Long Term Care workers and residents have been prioritized to receive the Coronavirus vaccine.

But will people take it?

As we’re getting closer, Dr. Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have a big challenge.

There is a tremendous amount of pushback from people that don’t believe that there was enough testing done, don’t want to take the vaccine and those who suspect political pressure behind why things are getting approved and pushed along quicker than typical.

The CDC is trying to convince as many people as possible to take the vaccine in order to really put the brakes on this pandemic.

What they have in front of them is really a business marketing problem. They need a solution: how to market something when there’s tremendous pushback?

Dr. Fauci said in a recent interview that he’s doing three things, which we can all apply to our own business as a strategy for marketing something when there is pushback expected.

Number one is transparency.

Dr. Fauci has been explaining exactly what steps are being taken, which scientists are involved and what data is being collected in order to make sure that everything is on the up and up in regards to getting the vaccine approved.

Number two is independence.

The CDC is showing that there are non-biased parties who are looking at the information, approving it and testing the vaccine. This is to combat fears that there is any bias from any government entity pushing something along.

And number three is commitment.

They are expressing, as much as possible, their commitment to get this right and to do what is best for our country and for stopping this pandemic, regardless of what any other opinions are.

Transparency, independence, and commitment.

I’ll use LTC Contracting services to highlight this.

For example, with LTC Contracting, you want to try to convince people, even though they are hesitant to outsource, that this is something that’s worthwhile for them.

If you are transparent with them and explain to them how the exact process of what you do is so important in order to get a good result in your negotiations.

And you explain to them your independence as a liaison, that you’re a third party, you’re not on the side of the insurance company, you’re not on the side of the healthcare provider, you’re looking to have an agreeable outcome for both parties.

And finally, your commitment: you and your staff are committed to make sure to get the results that are expected with a very good turnaround time.

What else would people want?

If they have any pushback like that, I think Dr. Fauci would tell you that using this marketing strategy will definitely help you go viral. 🙂

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