The Staffing Shortage Solution LTC Facilities Must Know in 2022

LTC Ally’s Steve Shain discusses the staffing shortage in long-term care and one way facilities can avoid becoming the last link in the chain

It’s news to no-one. Staffing shortages are everywhere. In healthcare, we’ve seen it become an especially complex issue.

Steve Shain is LTC Ally’s COO of Contracting. He knows a lot about helping long-term care facilities who are struggling with retaining or attracting staff. In this video, he offers his key solution for LTC and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) thinking about how they can attract talented workers and keep their valued staff.

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Founded in 2006, LTC Ally serves the long-term care industry with an unbound dedication to improving back office and financial operations. With a mission to reduce burdens and increase peace of mind, LTC Ally set out to revolutionize the way facilities handle their revenue cycle management. With a full suite of financial, case management, and contracting solutions for healthcare providers, LTC Ally is your partner in long-term care and skilled nursing.

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